M31 10'6" Carbon Fiber Sport Paddleboard! Ships in 48 hours.

    • Ships in 48 hours.
    • Free Shipping in the lower 48 states
    • 10'6"L x 31"W
    • Approximately 25lbs (super light, easy to carry and put on the top of your car!)
    • Made with the latest hollow Carbon Fiber Technology.
    • 100% carbon fiber (incredibly light, strong and durable / If treated right this paddleboard will out last the pyramids)
    • Easily withstands temperatures in excess of 350 degrees
    • VOC Free (won't give you cancer if you store it in your home)
    • Recessed Deck (lower center of gravity)
    • Super strong rails (up to 8 layers of carbon fiber)
    • Standard anti-abrasion rails (no paddle rash)
    • Hand hold (super light, easy to carry and paddle)
    • Leash plug (so you don't lose your board)
    • 10" standard fin (Incredibly stable, and tracks straight)
    • Weight capacity up to 280 pounds.
    • Comes with a traction pad (no slipping)
    • No EPS foam (No de-lamination)
    • Combination drain / vent plug  (does not break)
    • Made in Olympia WA. (100% made in the USA)
    • Guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturers defect.
    • Engineered and built in America (for the best paddling experience)

    If you're looking for a paddleboard that will do great on flat water and in the surf. It's a fast and stable paddler, and on waves it turns smoothly and keeps you in the pocket. We designed our M31 Squash SUP to be a high-performance board in any conditions—we think you'll agree that this is one of the best all-around SUP on the market.

    About the M - Series Paddle Board

    Kitson Boards encourages novice paddleboarders to get as long of a paddle board as possible. The greater board length and volume will provide better stability in a wide variety of water conditions. Additional length in your board will make your paddle boarding experience much more enjoyable. As you become a more experienced paddleboarder, you may want to get a smaller board for more maneuverability. Remember, never use your paddleboard or surfboard in water conditions you are uncomfortable with. 

  • Length Width Depth Weight
    10' 6" 31" 4.75" Approx. 25 pounds

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